The Centre for Water Research

Realtime Management And Control Systems For Optimizing Lake, Estuary and Coastal Seas, Ecosystem Services and Health (click here)

The Centre for Water Research at The University of Western Australia has in the last thirty years developed a deep understanding of the underlying processes operating in surface waters at environmental scales, ranging from catchments, rivers, lakes, wetlands, estuaries and coastal seas.

Our fundamental understanding has guided the development of hardware and software  that have been successfully applied to the operation and management of surface waters, including optimization of hydro power generation, flood warning and control, water quality forecasting, pollutant fate and transport, and sustainable management.  

Our methodology combines the design and deployment of field instrumentation, development and installation of data management and visualization software, process-based numerical modelling, laboratory investigations, and expert scientific analysis. An integrated team of scientists, engineers and technicians provides international best-practice ensuring that the solutions offered by CWR are always innovative and off the highest quality.

Over the years the work undertaken by staff at the Centre has received international recognition. CWR's technology is used in the supply of 50% of Australia's water and internationally to service about 50 million people with water. We have undertaken projects in over twenty countries and our staff and students come from diverse cultural backgrounds. We have research partners in Australia, Korea, Singapore, USA, Canada, Germany, Israel, Chile, Argentina, Italy, Columbia and Kenya. Staff and students publish regularly in internationally refereed journals, present papers at major international conferences and the Centre is host to many international visitors.

The Director of the Centre, Professor Jorg Imberger, has been awarded a range of international and national prizes. Internationally, he has received the Onassis Prize for the Environment and the Stockholm Water Prize, locally he received the WA 'Citizen of the Year' Award and nationally the Clunies Ross National Science and Technology Award and the Peter Nicol Russell Memorial Medal. In 2006, he received ASLO's A.C. Redfield Lifetime Achievement Award. He is a Fellow into US National Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union and a Fellow, Royal Academy of Engineering, UK. In 2008 he was awarded the WA Premier Scientist of the Year by the Western Australian Premier .